Get Over It Day®

As seen on Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and more!
The full GET OVER IT DAY® site will be back soon, but the overall concept/history is explained below.

Get Over It Day!
GET OVER IT DAY® is based on the idea that EVERYONE has SOMETHING to get over. Strategically the midpoint between Valentine’s Day and April Fool’s Day, Get Over It Day (March 9) is the day to finally get over that ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, those stressful school- or work-related issues, any fears, insecurities, embarrassing moments, bad relationships, etc.
[Editor’s Note: If you’re not sure what YOU have to get over, just ask your friends what they’re tired of hearing you complain about :) ]

Get Over It Day Poem

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Get Over It Day was conceived several years ago by an Atlanta-based entrepreneur after it took him a little longer than he’d have liked to finally get over an ex-girlfriend. He realized it was a concept that many could relate to and the “Get Over It Day” concept took off virally and became a legitimate pop-culture phenomenon when national media outlets like ABC’s Good Morning America (video below) and ESPN SportsCenter (video below) announced it to the world!


Get Over It Day Poem


Below is the 3-minute promo video we used to explain the concept way back when it launched: